Hot Maroons

Hot chestnuts are the most comforting treats of winter. Did you know you can prepare them in your oven? It's childishly simple and it cooks in just a few minutes. It is recalled that the term "chestnuts" is an inappropriate generic name because it is actually the chestnuts you consume, grilled on embers or in stuffing.

  • 1 kg whole chestnuts


STEP 1Incify each chestnut with the tip of a sharp knife. Make either a gash about 1 cm long or cut a cross on the fleshiest part.

STEP 2Spread the chestnuts in a gratin dish or on a baking sheet, making sure they don't overlap.

STEP 3When the oven is hot, bake for about 20 minutes (depending on the power of your oven).

STEP 4Get them in a serving dish and let them cool for a few minutes before peeling them and enjoying them still warm to your heart. Chestnuts can be eaten hot, warm or cold.

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