Vegetarian appetizers

Here is a fresh and light recipe for vegetarian appetizers. Composed of sliceof wholemeal bread, fresh goat and rawness with a touch of olive oil or honey; It's an easy recipe that will allow you to receive your guests.

  •     12 slices wholemeal bread
  •     200g goat's cheese
  •     120g cucumber
  •     80g pink radishes
  •     Honey
  •     walnuts
  •     olive oil
  •     salt, pepper


STEP 1To make this vegetarian recipe, cut your large slices of wholemeal bread in half and make them toaster. Then spread your goat cheese on the slices. After that wash your cucumber and radishes.

STEP 2Cut your vegetables into thin slices and arrange on your appetizer. Season your bread with salt and pepper. On this spread add a little honey or olive oil. Crumble the small pieces of walnuts on top. Chill your vegetarian aperitif until served.

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